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InstaThought 2016-12-20 - Lo que el día te regala, aunque no estés de humor #amanecer What the world gives you, even though you're not in the mood #dawn
What’s in your backpack? (About the value of education) - Already 15 years ago, a computer named HAL 9000 became intelligent. OK,  right: it was only a movie. However, it looks like we’re not so far away from that possibility. Computers nowadays already learn by themselves. Does that make a difference to the way we learn and teach? Now that a computer is almost able to … Continue reading What’s in your backpack? (About the value of education)
  • Sharing and learning - Imagine you were invited to an intensive course where the most relevant and skilled people you know will be your teachers. Would you reject such an opportunity? Well, I’m in. I’ve been invited to such an event.
  • Welcome to Pamplona! 2nd Workshop of COST Action FP 1402 - Last week (1st and 2nd October 2015) I had the opportunity to welcome a lot of my research colleagues in Pamplona, in the framework of COST Action FP 1402 “Basis of Structural Timber Design” – from research to standards.