Think simple. Understand.

I am a Professor, happy to help my students to find their own voice, to take their first adult steps.

I am a Researcher. I enjoy the solitude of my thought, debugging concepts and explanations, finding reasons. I also enjoy teamwork, applying and developing together more efficient ideas and concepts.

I love the suggestions hidden in the brevity of a haiku: distilled, essential and simple.


As a University Professor, research stands as an integral part of my job. My current research interests focus on structural design in wood, particularly on the application of new concepts and developments. I’ve also worked in the field of structural steel connections.

My research results have been presented at several conferences and published in scientific journals as well.


Teaching is a truly exciting work. For me, it consists of providing tools for an unknown future. I, therefore, think it’s crucial to help the student to discover how to think by himself, how to put the different concepts in relation and get to be independent.

Popular Science

I believe explaining scientific concepts in simple words is also part of my work. I, therefore, devote time to contribute in some “real people journals”. Some of  the posts on this page are part of that belief, as well.