Popular Science

I believe explaining scientific concepts in simple words is also part of my work. I, therefore, devote time to contribute in some “real people journals”. Some of  the posts on this page are part of that belief, as well.

Popular Science Articles

I collaborate in several magazines, in which I explain architectural concepts in an easy way. Revista Internacional Construlink RIC Cabrero J.M., Heiduschke A., Haller, P. (2011) Nuevas formas para la madera estructural. Revista Internacional Construlink RIC. 28, pp. 39-44 Spend-in Cabrero J.M. (2013) Siete claves de la construcción en madera. Spend-in. 59. pp. 106-109 Más madera … Continue reading Popular Science Articles

Harmonic Structures

Some years ago, I started a blog called Harmonic Structures, to explain structural concepts in a funny and intriguing way. Here you have the posts I published back then.

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