Associate Professor of the Department of Building Construction, Services and Structures of the University of Navarra. Like any other professor, I have two main activities: research and teaching. My current research interests focus on structural design in wood, particularly on the application of new concepts and developments. I teach courses on Physics, Structural Analysis and Timber Construction. In both activities I aim to understand the basics, and to provide a simple yet efficient explanation.

I made my doctoral thesis (2001-06) on semi-rigid steel structural connections, under the assessment of Prof. Bayo. I was awarded the Special Prize from the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. After that, I got the Humboldt Fellowship (2007-08) for a postdoctoral stay at the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany). There I delved into wood construction, and collaborated in the development and design of structural tubes made of densified wood.

I later rejoined the University of Navarra, where I led the creation of a new line of research in timber construction. I got the support of the Government of Navarre for the creation of the Wood Chair at the university. I am its director since its founding in 2011.

I have published articles in scientific journals included in the Science Citation Index. I collaborated with Prof. Bayo in the drafting of Chapter XIV, Connections, the current Spanish instruction for the design of steel structures, EAE. I have presented several papers at national and international conferences, one of them invited at the 19th European Conference on Fracture (ECF19, 2012).

I am a member of the Scientific Committee of the ICSA  (Structures & Architecture) and CIMAD (Ibero-Latin American Timber in Construction) conferences. I collaborate in committees and actions related to timber construction: Subcommittees CTN140 5 and 6 of CTN56 AENOR. I participate in the COST Action FP1402 – Basis of structural timber design – from research to standards.

In 2011, I obtained as a Principal Investigator a Spanish research project on New Reinforcement Techniques  for Concrete and Timber Structures. I have participated as a researcher in national and European research projects, and won several research contracts. I collaborate as an evaluator of research project for several evaluation agencies, and as a reviewer for s number of scientific journals.

Since September 2013 I am Assistant Director of the Department of Building Construction, Services and Structures of the University of Navarra.

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